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Way To Invest In Real Estate

Working Out Your Investing Potential

Investing in real estate isn’t cheap, in fact it’s the largest amount of money you’re likely to ever spend on anything, so it’s very important that you can afford to buy a house.

We have to assume that you have a good job, or you wouldn’t be reading this article, but even if you’re making a hundred thousand a year, or two hundred thousand a year, what would be even better is if you were already a millionaire, and had an income of a million a year.

Sounds like a nice dream, but you can get that sort of money together, by bringing investors into a partnership with you to buy property.

If you have ten people who have an income of a hundred thousand a year, and have a hundred thousand saved, or even half of that, you can make things happen a lot faster.

You have to live somewhere, and you need to live a nice life while you’re paying loan repayments and saving for deposits, so it makes sense to put a smaller amount of your money into it, but make money faster with the help of a team.

How Much Faster Can You Make Money In A Real Estate Partnership?

A millionaire can easily double his money in ten years, but you may even find that it happens in five, at least in terms of the equity of the properties you own compared to what you put into it.

Again, I’m talking about a millionaire because that’s how much your group of ten or whatever has as a collective.

You can immediately pay off a third or half of a nice well built brick house near the city, and then rent it out, and let the tenant pay for all the home loan repayments, taxes, land taxes, rates and insurance.

If you do it right, you will be getting a small income from your tenant after you deduct all expenses, and it only took you half the actual cost of the property to buy it, the rest is being paid by the tenant, including the insurance that covers you if anything goes wrong.

Sure, it may be hard to get ten people together who all have a good job and fifty thousand saved in the bank, try asking your co-workers, or putting an ad in the paper.

You can scale it up or down so that you just do it with a couple of family members who have some money to play with.

The point is, the faster you can make the investment property positively geared, the faster you can duplicate and do it again.

If you can save enough as a group for the large deposit on another house in a year, or two years, then that’s how quickly you get your percentage share of a full property which has the other half being paid off by a tenant, and the property doubles in value every ten years as well.

Now, you don’t just want to take my word for it, as there may be issues specific to you, or the country where you live. The real estate market may be in a boom or bust period, and various other things like that need to be considered.

You should take the advice of a good financial advisor, and you will as a group also need a home loan broker, an accountant, and maybe a lawyer specializing in real estate contracts.